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I have three irrational fears:

  1. I’ll get pregnant. I have never (and probably will never) engaged in any kind of sexual intercourse that would lead to pregnancy. I haven’t had sex in months, but I still have these random pregnancy scares. I don’t want to have children that bad…
  2. If I meet a queer Naija/Ghanaian person I’ll fall dangerously in love. I can’t really explain this one.
  3. The dark. I don’t really consider this one an irrational fear because I am 98.7% sure that there is something in the dark waiting to get me.
  1. scdiva said: Come Lil pet. You may curl up next to Mistress to keep the nightmares away.
  2. kwakyeist said: I’m a queer Ghanaian! ;) lol
  3. baskinmysunlite said: Yes!!! I am so fuckin’ scared of the dark!!!
  4. myheavybreathing said: i’m 22 and i sleep with a night light…so number 3 is legit!
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